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Biodegradable, eco-friendly bamboo candles.


A passion for aromatic candles led to the inception of our company two decades ago in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Through years of small-scale sales, our CEO developed her candle-making skills. After some time in the United States, the company started to take shape. Combining the candle-making expertise of our CEO with the forward-thinking mind of our Creative Director, the idea of a biodegradable candle was reached. Operating out of Columbus, IN, we are dedicated to providing the world with a new and innovative candle experience while also uplifting our community.


Our commitment lies in the illumination of the space which our candles inhabit, both literally and figuratively. We testify to the fact that they will fill your home with a fragrance you'll love in a vessel that will add to your interior decor. Our bamboo collection has been designed to provide an experience that is not only beautiful and fragrant but also sustainable and recyclable. In other words, the candle Mother Earth would buy.

Sustainable and biodegradable candle in nature.


Renata Nunez is an immigrant hailing from Bogota, Colombia. A mother, grandmother, artist, and fearless leader, our CEO redefines the narrative for an immigrant woman in our society. Pursuing innovation and excellence, her goal is to inspire and empower not only other women, but people around the world to follow their dreams with courage and strength.

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